Why I Love Holland Lops?

After a while raising Holland Lops, I found this to be the hardest question to answer. Such a simple question and yet, it always get me dumbstruck for words. I figured that today, I must get this question answered and answer it well.

First of all, I am always attracted to animals with flat face. As you might have guessed it right from that, I love bulldogs. Yes, I fancy dog breeds with flat faces like Bulldogs, Boxers, Pekingeses and Shih tzus.  I also like flat faced cats such as the Persians and Exotic Shorthairs. I nearly got myself a very cute Exotic Shorthair cat that looked exactly like Garfield a few year ago but I thought it would be too much hassle to keep one. I am not too sure about what made me like flat face animals but I just adore them. Maybe it is because the flat face gives them the cute look?

I don’t really like to mention the word cute because cuteness will never last. But with the Holland Lop, I dare say that cuteness comes with age. Do you notice that Holland Lops only get cuter as they grow older? Yes! That is exactly the reason why I love them. Because they get cuter and that means my love for them will keep on growing instead of diminishing over time like other baby pets that outgrow their cuteness.

I felt that the Holland Lop fits my lifestyle best. Since I like Bulldogs but cannot afford to have one barking mad at home, I prefer a silent Bulldog. What is more appropriate compared to the Bulldoggish Holland Lops? With those droopy ears and chubby cheeks, the Holland Lops are the perfect Bulldogs for me.

Every rabbit have their unique personalities and the Holland Lops have a great exponential of personalities. Their personalities truly shows through their cute antics and behaviors. For example, as we all know, Carmel is quite a seasoned show bunny. I am still very intrigued by the fact that she loves to pose and the best part of it is, her eyes will follow the camera wherever you move it. LOL!

The second reason why I chose Holland Lops was because of the many challenges that comes together with raising them. My wife is still puzzled as to why I bother putting myself through all the hassles of raising Holland Lops. I really love the challenges because they teach me new things all the time. One of my good breeder friends told me that Holland Lop breeders can be more knowledgeable compared to vets. I couldn’t agree more as some of my breeder friends administer injections and IV drips on their own. I have an aspiration to be a vet since I was very young but unfortunately, my academic results was not good enough to be given the oppportunity. I totally hated that fact because in my opinion, every individual learn differently and to be judged generically is not fair at all. Oh well, nothing can stop me if I have the will. Besides, raising Holland Lops allowed me to know only the parts of Veterinary Science that interest me most. Also, I don’t need to put myself through the hardcore technicalities too. LOL!

Lastly, I cannot find myself not having any pets in my life. They have definitely taught me how to look after another living being better. They have thought me love. And this beautiful hobby also comes together with amazing people, those I love to call friends. And just like a hobby, you can be very selective with friends. I love those that love me for who I am and most of all, those that love their pets!



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3 responses to “Why I Love Holland Lops?

  1. lazybunnys

    Bravooooo… I LOVE this post very very much…. and I LOve Holland Lop tooo… Holland Rules

  2. darma

    i love too.. so cute!

  3. June

    When I first lay my eyes on a lop, I know I gotto have one! 🙂

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