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Life Is Grand In Meadow Haven

Two days back LazzyBunny.wordpress.com honored TLR with another award, the Life Is Grand award. Recipents of this award must write 5 reason why they think life is grand and pass the award to 5 other bloggers of his/her choice.


Here are my 5 reasons:

1. Life Is Grand because TLR is the forerunner in raising Quality Holland Lops in Malaysia!

2. Life Is Grand because TLR is proud to be the first rabbitry in Malaysia to neuter rabbits before sending them to good homes.

3. Life Is Grand because TLR has made quite an impact in educating the general public about basic rabbit care.

4. Life Is Grand because TLR has many great friends all around the world.

5. Life Is Grand because TLR has placed most of its rabbits in the bestest of homes.

And the 5 blogs that I would love to pass this award to are:

1. Wooly World Rabbitry

2. Keep’s Rabbitry Blog

3. What’s New at Lil’ Bit Farms

4. Life with the Kings-this is definitely very grand!

5. Pet Epicure



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