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Cats For Adoption

Let’s move along into better things shall we? Something that gives life instead of dwelling in the culture of death.

I know this has nothing to do with rabbits but cats are pets too. And TLR fights for a good cause as long it is for our pets.

Our good friends over at Pet Epicure always have neutered cats available for adoption at very minimal fee. If you support the cause of responsible pet ownership, please feel free to go through their weblog at http://petepicure.com, their facebook group , contact them or just walk-in as and when you like during their business hours.

Choose Life, Choose Adopt & Give Life!



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The Cult Called Pets

Many people sacrifices a lot for pets. So much so that they become obsessed. To treat one’s pet well is a very good thing. But to be over obsessed with one’s pet business is definitely weird. We have tons of pet stores and retails in Malaysia. Some are online businesses and some have their own operating premises. All of these stores have their fans. I realized some have gone over religious about their idol store.

Today I received a very nasty comment on one of the post I did for Noobie that went as follows:

Classy as in what then? Care to tell more?

J & J in LYN are far more concerned to pets’ wellbeings, more than the PROFIT some Chinchilla owner claim to earn by his knowlegde OR is it from stealing other people’s idea??

Ask urself, have u heard from both party? DUMBASS!!

So any comment then?

Don’t you think that this is so darn rude? But anyhow, I learn many things from this comment. And here is what I think:

1. The commenter has low EQ

2. He/she hates Chinchillas (I don’t know why someone can hate them so much as they are super cute)

3. He/she is religiously and fanatically in love with the alphabet J, the character & and the alphabet J. Collectively known as J&J

4. He/she loves calling people names

As you can see, certain religions have restrictions and for this person, his or her religion forbids anyone from writing about J&J and the one that particularly includes LYN. So my dear fellow bloggers, please refrain from using J&J and LYN in your posting.

And for the record, the other J&J I know beside the one that took in Noobie are good friends of mine who resides in Melbourne. And the other J&J I know work very hard to build their business. And by these people coming and leaving rude remarks on my blog, they are helping the J&J that they are so religiously in love with lose their business by tons. If theirs is a “gangster-style” business, I am keeping my distance whoever J&J that he/she is referring to!

Lastly, I think all religion teaches us to be good. Let’s not make Pets a cult alright? It is not worth it. Mind your own fur biz please….


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Truffles: Skor Jr.

Don’t he look so similar to his dad, Skor? To me he is the exact copy of Skor. Seemed as though I placed Skor into a copier and out came Truffles! LOL!

And did I tell you that I hate taking photos of black and white rabbits? They always seemed blur. And it is very difficult to see the rabbit’s eyes.

He even have that mark on his head

He even have that mark on his head

Let's see if the head pops later

Let's see if the head pops later

Spotting that cute look!

Spotting that cute look!

I believe I made the right choice for holding on to Truffles as he seemed to be a potential replacement for Skor.


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