Cats For Adoption

Let’s move along into better things shall we? Something that gives life instead of dwelling in the culture of death.

I know this has nothing to do with rabbits but cats are pets too. And TLR fights for a good cause as long it is for our pets.

Our good friends over at Pet Epicure always have neutered cats available for adoption at very minimal fee. If you support the cause of responsible pet ownership, please feel free to go through their weblog at, their facebook group , contact them or just walk-in as and when you like during their business hours.

Choose Life, Choose Adopt & Give Life!



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2 responses to “Cats For Adoption

  1. Hope all felines will go to their new loving home soon!

  2. petepicure

    thank you so much for the mention. we really appreciate this! life is great when we have friends like you 🙂

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