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11th Hour

I just done watching this fantastic documentary which in my opinion is a good sequel to its equivalent The Inconvenient Truth. If you have not watched it, make sure you catch it on HBO in the next few days.

To summarize the entire documentary, a quote kept on coming on my mind. If you have been to enough church weddings you might have heard the quote that goes “Faith, Hope & Love, and the greatest of these is LOVE”. One of the last professors gave a very good summary of the entire documentary by mentioning what earth need most now is LOVE.

It simply means that we must start loving earth and not materialism. Each time we spend our money buying something, use LOVE to tap into our suffering earth to ensure we purchase what we truly need only.

As I am still very much inspired by this documentary, I thought of things to do in the rabbitry that could contribute to saving mother earth. The clearest message is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Here is the list based on these 3 headings:

1. Reduce

– neutering rabbits does help in keeping the number of rabbits on earth checked therefore, it does make some sense to neuter

– feed food that promote higher absorption so less poop produced?

2. Reuse

–¬† I am looking at making DIY compost. And to begin with, here are some links I found:

– using old newspaper to line bottom trays

– continue making DIY toys using Hay & toilet roll

I prefer to cut a narrow strip of toilet roll and stuff the hay in

I prefer to cut a narrow strip of toilet roll and stuff the hay in

3. Recycle

– use only recycled litter materials like BREEDER CELECT

– maybe try to make pillow out of all the fur shed during molting season?

With this good documentary, US has just taken the lead in being humble to admit that they are contributing to global warming. I take my hats off them for doing so but this is not any particular country’s problem. It is a global problem and that means each and everyone of us are responsible to do something about it.

I believe that leaders around the world must devise strategies. Strategies on the individual level and up to the community level at large. That means, we need strategies so we can make efforts on individual capacity as well as joint efforts by smaller communities right up to the country level and lastly, a global effort.

Let’s join hands in this for our future generation.


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Brain Move You OR You Move Brain?

This is a very important post for indecisive people. It is a very good post for people without brain of their own too. I hope it is going to be a good post to give brainless people what they need most, to get their brains back to where it suppose to be. Though I wonder how they loose their brains in the first place.

When the market is saturated by so many products and so many parties selling those products, everyone loses FOCUS!

Some of us know what is best for our pets and therefore, searches for places to get the best things for our pets. This truly show how much we love our pets and how well we are intuned with their needs. We may go out of our ways to just for our pets. Imagine all the inconveniences involved.

I believe the problems arise when we take the easy way out. Some of us are downright not bothered to know what our pets need. So what they do? FOLLOW BLINDLY. This is very similar to how people pick their favorites. Some people do not even know why they like a certain football team. The next time you see someone wearing the red jersey with a logo that has got a devil on it, try asking the reason he/she likes that team. I bet quite a few of them will give you the most outrageous answers. The exact reason that usually ticks me off is when he/she says, “because all my friends like it, so I like them too”. Totally bullshit and utter nonsense.

In my opinion the world would be a better and challenging place if all of us have our own brains that does what they do best, THINK! We can be better without the herding mentality. For those that are not familiar with the herding mentality, just think of the buffaloes in the padi fields that are pulled by their nose rings. If you feel like one of those buffaloes, most likely you’re trapped in the herding mentality. I hope you wake up and I believe you are being liberated since you’re reading this.

Anyone including myself can write all sorts of recommendations. That makes it easy for anyone reading to have a good head start to research on the best recommendations that suits them. At the end of the day, each one will have to exercise their discretion before acting out on their beliefs.

What works best for me does not necessarily means it works best for EVERYONE. We all do our best to provide the best if we believe our pets worth something to us. And we choose what fits our lifestyles the best.

Pets are not like your techie gadget that should be taken as a moving fad or trend. A techie gadget may get obsolete in just a few months but your pets live for years. Let’s not just jump into the bandwagon just because everyone’s going into it.

Have your own brain to decide for yourself. Likewise the pet stores that you patronize.

And that brings me to the point of my post today. I recently heard of the most outrageous thing that I have ever come across thus far. There are actually people in this world questioning the reason certain pet stores selling stuff they know nearly nothing about.

Now we all know pet stores are businesses that exist due to the demand of customers. Customers with brain has decided that they need certain products and services. As the fundamentals of all businesses are based on the demand and supply model, pet stores are merely trying to meet the demands of customers. Not necessarily the pet store operators need to have extensive knowledge of the products and at the same time, we cannot take it against them for not knowing either although knowing can be a bonus to help in awareness. Furthermore, if there is no demand for a particular product, the manufacturers would not produce them right? Likewise, pet owners DO NOT buy everything under the sun unless they are filthy rich and has got nowhere else to spend their riches. There is always a line between WANT and NEED here too. At the end of the day, consumer decides based on their NEEDS regardless of what is recommended. There is no such thing as misleading or crap like that. Consumer have the money and power to decide. But if you are still hard headed and still want to believe in the misleading crap, then sue all manufacturers so that no more products sold in pet stores, we’ll have nothing to buy for our pets and you should know what happens next (THINK)!

We have to stay focus on the reason as to why pet stores exist. A pet store is not a place where you find for your regular lingerie or your favorite instant noodles. A pet store sells PET PRODUCTS! If they do not, I don’t think they are called pet stores. So stop questioning why they carry certain product just because they have no knowledge on it. If you know more about the product, good for you and many more should know about it and DECIDE if they NEED it!

YES, this seemed to be very contradicting coming from me. That is because I believe we should stop spoon feeding so that everyone uses their brains to think. Think for themselves that is. That is because the herding mentality is causing too much problem in the pet business world. Too many blind followers with a few blind leaders.

And also, as our market provider stays ignorant, consumers are still required to exercise their own discretion to decide. Since that is the way it has always been and still is, the best thing to do is to depend on our own God given natural talent which is to………THINK FOR OURSELVES!

Thus, your brain moves you or you move your brain?

As for my fellow rabbit lovers, if you still believe in my recommendations, please continue following for the best of all rabbits as should know by now that TLR is all about the best for our rabbits! You are welcome to combine your brains with mine. LOL!


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More Updates On Camior

The Horleys had a spring cleaning the other day and I was so in awe with how squeky clean the setup looked. Totally love the minimalist look and feel. Very “japanese”! LOL!

Mommy said stay off the floor!

Mommy said stay off the floor!

The 2 love birds rather be together than to pick a fight with the GPs for cucumber

The 2 love birds rather be together than to pick a fight with the GPs for cucumber

Best of both worlds. Month teaches us that you can have friends too eventhough you are engaged. LOL!

Best of both worlds. Month teaches us that you can have friends too eventhough you are engaged. LOL!

Mommy, not even a speck okie?

Mommy, not even a speck okie?

Thanks Alicia for the photos! Love em’!


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