Think Holland Lops, Think Ugly Duckling

When I wrote “Why I Love Holland Lops”, I did say that Holland Lops look cuter as they age. One classic example I want to show is this buck bred by the Jordans called Jordan’s Captain. Just look at the photo of him as a Junior and how far he has come to be a beautiful buck in the end. Holland Lops are definitely like boxes of chocolates. You will never know what you will get out of something that seemed to be an ugly duckling at first. Therefore, never loose hope before 6 months with your rabbit. LOL! Do also bear in mind that not all ugly ducklings turn into beautiful swans. Most remain as ugly all their lives but that does not give us reasons to believe they make lousy pets.

What caught my attention to look for Jordans’ website is that, I got news that they won BOS at Nationals last weekend with Jordan’s Ashton (if my assumption is correct) as Broken Siamese Sable buck. Jordan’s Ashton is the buck listed next to Jordan’s Captain. Absolutely stunning.

Congratulations to the Jordans for the win! Another Top Lop 2009!


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One response to “Think Holland Lops, Think Ugly Duckling

  1. Lindsey

    Wow, what a change Jordan’s Captain made. Thanks for sharing the link.:-)

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