Congratulations to Teri Reymann!

As you all know by now, I share the joy in knowing how well my friends do on the show table in the US. Over the weekend, Big Valley Rabbit Association organized a double open show and over 1200 rabbits were shown.

I want to congratulate Teri for coming up victorious with her Netherland Dwarfs,  siamese sable Sonshine’s Kashmir and her blue eyed white Sonshine’s American Woman.


Sonshine's American Woman

Both of them won Best Opposite of Variety & Group under renown judge Doug King while Kashmir went on to win Best Of Breed under judge Manuel Hidalgo.


Sonshine's Kashmir

Teri’s Red Eyed White nethie Sonshine’s Ice Cream Man won Best Of Variety in Show B under judge Manuel Hidalgo.


Sonshine's Ice Cream Man

I am as ecstatic as Teri herself. LOL! Don’t I make a good rabbit show commentator?

I must also add that there is something about Teri’s principles that many breeders should emulate. She believes in taking pride and merit for showing rabbits that she breeds and not win off a rabbit that she buys from others. I really respect her for that although there is nothing wrong showing something that you bought from a fellow breeder.

I really can’t help being happy for her! Congratulations once again, Teri!


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4 responses to “Congratulations to Teri Reymann!

  1. Thank you Tim, my friend! I was so very happy to get these wins!!

  2. darma

    Teri.. you have such a killer rabbit!! Congratulation!!!

  3. lazybunnys

    Congrat.. Teri..

  4. GORGEOUS B.E.W.! 🙂

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