The Way I Groom It

Most of my time is spent grooming my rabbits. I groom them in a weekly basis. I just like to share with you although as simple as it is, the way I groom my rabbits.

Firstly, I groom my rabbit in all sorts of positions. Some people find it hard to groom their bellies but it is quite easy for me. I believe that top of the rabbit’s body is the easiest to reach and can be easily done.

For the bellies, I usually trance my rabbits. Likewise, I also clip their nails in that position with ease. Maybe all my bunnies are very well behaved or perhaps they are extremely comfortable with me. I prefer the latter.

Now as for the tools I use. For a rabbit in molting season, I prefer to go through him or her using the Furminator. This will get rid of tons of fur. I normally have a vacuum cleaner on as I groom so that the fur would get sucked in right away without having any going into my nose (very irritating!).

For a normal grooming session, I love using the slicker. I have 2 slicker brushes with metal bristles and one of them is a Ball Pin Slicker. I usually use the normal slicker brush on areas with thicker fur because rabbits skin is very sensitive to scratches. I have scratched a few of my bunnies accidentally and though they usually recovers fast, I get a heartache.

As for the face, paws, tail and thigh areas I use the ball pin slicker because the fur in those areas are thinner. Even with a ball pin slicker, their skin will get red if too much pressure is used while brushing.

The thing I like about using slicker brushes is that, their fur get fluff up and they end up looking like ball.

A well groomed bunny is a happy bunny. Hope this helps and happy grooming everyone!



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2 responses to “The Way I Groom It

  1. OH what fun you would have with a Jersey Wooly! 🙂


  2. Great posting & useful. Thanks.

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