Seychel’s Staying

Seychel was scheduled for spaying in July and then passed on to her new owner Farah a week after that. Due to the reason that I needed another brood doe for the rabbitry, I had a little discussion with Farah and she ended up offering me to keep Seychel instead.

I am truly grateful to Farah for her understanding and I am very happy to be able to keep Seychel with me.

Thanks a million Farah!


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One response to “Seychel’s Staying

  1. I cannot stress enough what a good heart Farah has, only the best would understand the circumstance! I think those who would get very angry and/or upset are just trouble anyways… LOL.

    I’m sure a long awaited kit will be awaiting her soon. Everything happens for a reason, right? 🙂


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