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The Unsung Heroins

If you notice, 9 out of 10 rabbitry websites that you visit, you will only get to see photos of the finest, the prettiest and the many grand champions the breeder has. Ever wonder where all the best came from? You will be surprised how valuable brood does are to rabbit breeders.

They produce many and has got tons of milk to raise kits, brood does seldom get their due credits. The next time you visit a rabbitry website, try to look out for grand champs with their parents listed. Most often than not, you will find the sire to be a grand champion but the dam is an unknown doe.

Brood does are indeed very valuable hosts that bear and raise kits. Most of the time brood does are made up of 2 normal genes. There are high chances that they will bear normals too. But the trade off would be that it is unlikely for them to produce peanuts. This gives you more viable kits in the long run.

Just wanted to dedicate this post to all the unsung heroins in our rabbitries and barn. The true life bearers!



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