The Unsung Heroins

If you notice, 9 out of 10 rabbitry websites that you visit, you will only get to see photos of the finest, the prettiest and the many grand champions the breeder has. Ever wonder where all the best came from? You will be surprised how valuable brood does are to rabbit breeders.

They produce many and has got tons of milk to raise kits, brood does seldom get their due credits. The next time you visit a rabbitry website, try to look out for grand champs with their parents listed. Most often than not, you will find the sire to be a grand champion but the dam is an unknown doe.

Brood does are indeed very valuable hosts that bear and raise kits. Most of the time brood does are made up of 2 normal genes. There are high chances that they will bear normals too. But the trade off would be that it is unlikely for them to produce peanuts. This gives you more viable kits in the long run.

Just wanted to dedicate this post to all the unsung heroins in our rabbitries and barn. The true life bearers!



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3 responses to “The Unsung Heroins

  1. wynn

    I would like to own a small rabbit that could be house-trained for bathroom and could travel with me. I live in NYC and can’t have a dog because it would be unfair to leave it home. I travel a lot and it would bark and need to be walked and would be unwelcome in many of the places where I stay when away.
    I had a rabbit once I picked up in Oklahoma. I found it while a rock-hounding on a mountainside and named it “Okie”. It lived with me and in the back of my classroom while I taught (or running around on the floor or in some student’s lap who finished working).
    How best can I find such a dear small, trainable rabbit? xo, wynn

    • Hi Wynn,

      Thanks for dropping by. I just have to start off saying that every rabbit is different. Most rabbits are trainable. My experience so far is 90%. They are much easier to train when spayed/castrated.

      First, you need to find out what breed is most suitable for you. The most popular dwarf breeds are Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops. Go through notes to see which one is the most suitable and do pick up one from your local breeder. I am sure the area where you are at do have a rabbit club or some sort.

      Good luck in your venture!

  2. wynn

    thanks! i’ll hop to it and check out all the rabbit warrens in this neck of the woods …

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