Updates On Tattoo

This is a post requested by Mr. Darma. He told me that the word “tattoo” seemed to be on his mind and wanted to know how the tattoo turned out thus far. I was kind of disappointed with Truffles’ tattoo as I though his was the best.

I believe single digit is one of the reasons why the tattoo seemed to have faded. If I have 3 or 4 digits, they would be a little more legible.

Can you see 1?

Can you see 1?

On the other hand, I expected the least from Seychel’s tattoo but it turned out much legible compared to Truffles’.

Can you see 2?

Can you see 2?

I hope Mr. Darma is happy with this update and thanks for the suggestion.



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4 responses to “Updates On Tattoo

  1. darma

    Hey hahakz…

    “Can you see 1?” – I see 3???
    “Can you see 2?” – Yes i do..

    Thank you Tim. ok guys, start send suggestion to Tim, he might consider your suggestion and post it like mine heheh… 2 thumbs up!

  2. Very nice! You know, the only luck I’ve seen with tattooing is peircing the ear as much as possible and shoving the ink in, and wiping it off. It’s a battle and that is why I much prefer the pen. You have to know how to use it, though!

  3. When you use plier tattoo, pierce it all the way through till the needles come out from other side. Use India Ink. DO NOT CLEAN OFF THE INK. Apply baking soda generously over the ink. The reason for the baking soda is to help stop the bleeding and also when the tattoo heal over, the digits/letters will be embossed. You will never have to re-do.
    If you have black colored rabbits, use green or red ink.

    You should never wipe off the ink. The non tattooed areas will come off on itself after a week or so.

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