My Priority Wish List

Holland Lops are not rabbits just like some who regards the Saluki as not a dog. I don’t know why they say Saluki is not a dog but I could easily attest why Holland Lops are not rabbits.

Holland Lops are not rabbits mainly because the saying “breed like rabbits” DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT APPLY to them.

I am sure most breeders (especially those with small herds) would agree with me if I say, most of the time spent raising Holland Lops are time spent WAITING. Whether you have kits in the nest boxes or not, you still have to wait. I am starting to believe that Holland Lops are very suitable for those who work as IT Engineers. The IT Engineers spend most of their time waiting for system to be booted up, installation to compete and for the system to crash again so that they can continue waiting – LOL!.

And since we cannot run away from the fact that we solve most problems that we create, I have thought long and hard on the solution to help ease the frustration of waiting. Unfortunately, none of them is feasible.

My first proposed solution for those who are able to try is, breed your rabbits and go to sleep for 30 days. When you awakes, you will either find next boxes filled with fur and kits or empty nest boxes with all the does grinning at you.

My second proposed solution is to reduce the gestation period of Holland Lops to let’s say 10 days. How amazing it would be that even before you can palpate the does, you get kits popping out? Isn’t this brilliant idea? I think this should go to the standard committee to be passed so that everyone can start breeding Holland Lops that kindles after 10 days of mating. How much “down time” we can reduce with this method.

As compared to the first method which has got a 30 days “down time” literally, I would prefer the 2nd method if it is feasible.

Isn’t it very frustrating reading this nonsense post?

Now you understand how most Holland Lop breeders feel don’t you?

Holland Lops RULEZZzzZZzzzzz!



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5 responses to “My Priority Wish List

  1. furfurries

    Saluki is not a dog? It sure looks and barks like one! 😛

  2. I recall waiting for my dinner to heat up in microwave oven thinking why could’t they come up with something that will take half the time. I was looking at the timer rather impatiently. We are talking about 2 whole minutes!!!! My grandma came from China. I remember as a child she stuck to the old fashion way, she got chopped wood from the backyard and actually cooked with fire. The family then thought nothing else tasted right except done like the old village. Now I have no patience for 2 minutes!!!!
    It’s all relative. Gestation period for Guinea pig 75 days, sheep 5 months, horse 1 year. The lower the hirarchy in food chain, the shorter the gestation period. Mice 14 days. Rabbits already ranked pretty low.

  3. laqyooi

    In this case, ‘breed like rabbits’ cant be applied anymore. But may be we can make use of their poop instead, something like ‘poop like rabbits’. Im sure every rabbit poop like hell. The moment u turn around after cleaning, they poop another.

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