This is definitely not something new when it comes to keeping pets as a hobby. Before you think about keeping any household pet, you should think hard about your own lifestyle and if bringing fluffy back would complement your everyday life.

Your pet’s life must blend into yours and not be an obstruction. For example, if you travel a lot, rabbits are definitely not suitable for you. Let’s take a look at the minimum requirements a rabbit needs.

1. Daily feeding

2. Grooming (at least once a week)

3. Cleaning the litter pans

4. Interactions

5. Daily Exercise

I believe for someone that works a lot and hardly stay home, the best pet for you could be snakes. They are known to thrive on a rat once a month. So while you’re spending time working, your snake hibernates at home. The least you can do is play with your snake the only day of the month when you feed it. LOL!

My point is, try to understand the needs of an animal before you bring fluffy home. It does not matter what pet you are considering. Even different breed of dogs have different needs and functions. Learn more about their behavior too.

Once you are well aware of their needs, it will be a very fulfilling experience for both you and your pet. Always remember that they should complement you and not the other way around.

Hope you make the right choice, right from the start!



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5 responses to “Lifestyle

  1. I wish responsible breeders will refuse sales to impulse buyers. Unfortunately the need to place excess animals to homes and/or money always overshadow the ethics. Most pet rabbits especially those purchased for children ended in horrid state of existence. Don’t believe me? Start your own little survey. You will be sadden by the data.

  2. laqyooi

    Snake lover also bring fluffy home.. for the snake. The fluffy was a rex. Saw this in youtube while searching for rex videos. Dont go find and watch becoz after wathcing that, the question why? why? WHYYY???? remain in my head.

    • Just think of it as the snake has got to eat too. Just like how we chop down the alfalfa or timothy hay but didn’t go WHY WHY WHY?

      • laqyooi

        LOL. Yeah i guess thats the way of nature works. Fortunately alfalfa and timothy dont squeak wile we r chopping them.

      • LOL! Either use ear plugs or shut it up before feeding? LOL!

        I don’t know coz I don’t have snakes to feed. Scales can’t get along with me. Have not and will not raise any snakes!

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