Anything Bred For Food Will Never Extinct

I want to thank Keat for inspiring me to write this post. Very interesting and accurate theory.

While the conservationists around the globe struggle to protect endangered species, many other animals are thriving beyond recognition. So much so some even become pests in certain countries. Have you ever taken a step back and think about it?

Do you notice that animals bred for food more often than not remain prolific? This may just be the solution to revive the endangered species. Are we talking about breeding Tigers as pets and for food? And can we accept breeding Mountain Gorrillas for food?

I know it is hard to imagine but this seemed to be quite a valid point for us to ponder. Something not done or tried but as the saying goes, “if you never try you’ll never know”.

There’s this country that is well known to gobble up everything that they get their hands on. If this theory is being practiced, I believe this country will be the next Jurassic Park. LOL!

Not too sure about you, but I sort of enjoy pondering about this and let my imagination run wild.



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4 responses to “Anything Bred For Food Will Never Extinct

  1. laqyooi

    Good things in life always work the reverse way. Eg. love, wealthy, energy etc, the more u give, the more u get. Sometime its hard to make sense on thing like this. This time you have put it the sensible way. I feel u bro. Lets eat mountain gorillas! That would be the most macho thing ever… LOL!

  2. trotters

    Hmm… but crocodiles are not extinct and they’ve been around for ages :P… also what about those pesky rats in some of the unhygienic eating places 😀

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