Mystifying Ms. Holly Hope

Remember the last post I wrote about Holly Hope? Back then she was just coming out of her molt. I believe she’s a stunner now. Her color is definitely something that I would like to work with in my herd. As far as her overall conformation, I must say that a total revamp is needed.

Chocolates and Lilacs shall be my little project on the side line. I am hoping to concentrate on the torts and priority would be given to the tort. On the other hand, my good friend over at LazzyBunny will be working on the Blues.

I can’t wait for have a chocolate colored Thunder or Clark. Just imagine how intriguing it would be to have a lilac Thunder or Clark. Simply irresistable!

For the rest of the post, I’ll let Holly Hope charm you with her magnificient color.

Striking a Pose

Striking a Pose

Chilling on a Sunday morning

Chilling on a Sunday morning

Getting inquisitive

Getting inquisitive

What's up?

What's up?

I must add that Holly Hope is much smaller than Haley & Carmel. I believe she’s the 90’s edition of Holland Lop. Back then most Holland Lops seemed to be the lop version of Netherland Dwarfs. They do not look massive due to their small built. These days, Holland Lop does are much bigger looking like bucks.

Personally, I wish to retain her size, add more fillings for massiveness and definitely retain her color. It would be really nice to have these minature bulldoggish Holland Lops.



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3 responses to “Mystifying Ms. Holly Hope

  1. darma

    she is Gorgeous !!!!!

  2. CPG

    O My goodness! Her colour is awesome! Look just like my Violet Star!

  3. furfurries

    Holly’s ears are SO well furred! Thick and chubby!!!! BITES! *furry hug* I agree with CPG. Her colour is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!!!!!!

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