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Types Of Lops

I have written a post regarding this topic but unfortunately have been set as private. Most of the photos on that post has been removed and therefore, I found it inappropriate to publicly publish it.

Today I would like to write about the different types of lops that has been named differently between the US and UK.

I want to thank a friend named Phil Batey for inspiring me to write this. Phil has written many articles over at his website Ruskin Miniature Lops. I have even copied his entire article regarding the History of Lops in one of my posts. Most of the lops available in Australia today came from Phil as he used to ship there before the importation of rabbits into Australia was banned.

Here is a list of lops that I would to talk about:

1. Holland Lop (US)

2. Miniature Lop (UK)

3. Mini Lop (US)

4. Dwarf Lop (UK)

Miniature Lops are actually the UK equivalent of the Holland Lops of the US. One major difference is that, the Miniature Lop tops at approximately 3 .2 lbs whereas the Holland Lop tops at 4 lbs. The way Miniature Lops are posed during show also differ from how the Holland Lops are posed in the US. Phil has written about Miniature Lops and even have photos at the end of the article depicting the different ways of posing. Click here to read.

On the other hand, the Mini Lops of the US are the equivalent of Dwarf Lops in the UK. Isn’t it funny why they call them Dwarf Lops when in fact they are bigger than the Miniature Lops? Basically there is nothing Dwarf about Dwarf Lops and in fact together with the Mini Lops (US), they are not considered as a dwarf breed. Their top weight could reach 6 lbs.

That is how confusing the lop world is. To make it simple, just remember these equations:

Holland Lop (US) = Miniature Lop (UK)

Mini Lop (US) = Dwarf Lop (UK)

Simple isn’t it?



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