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I Needed Fiber, Guess What I Did?

I am always curious about the taste of the food my rabbits eat. Some of my friends know that I have tasted rabbit pellets before. I once chewed on the locally milled pellets and tasted sand in them. That was when I decided to switch feed immediately.

It was stocking up hay day today and like the usual, I bought a packet of Timothy Hay and also the freshness of the Bermuda Hay caught my attention so I decided to bring home a packet of it too.

It smells so good and I just couldn’t resist. Curiosity got the best of me. I always wanted to know how these grasses taste like. I have tried Timothy Hay and it tasted good (I believe anything named after me is good stuff!) – LOL!

So I decided to grab a couple of green Bermuda Hay strands and shoved it into my mouth. I didn’t taste much for the first few chews but thereafter, HeavenNNNnnnnNnnn…..

You know what it tasted like? If you have ever drank Green Tea at Gengki Sushi, that’s how the Bermuda Hay tasted like.

I bet it’ll be easier for me to ease myself tomorrow morning when I sit on my throne. Loads of fiber in there!

What exactly did I buy?


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