No Shame, Boo Hoo!

I did not know how hard it is to obtain an ARBA Judge License until recently when I started researching on it. I was going through for more information but I believe that they have since taken off the procedure. One of my search results returned this link, It is pretty much the procedure to obtain a Judge’s License and I would like to paste the entire content here and highlight some of those that I would like to discuss.



1. Be an ARBA member at least five (5) consecutive years prior to filing for application.

2. Hold a registrar’s license for at least two (2) years and have registered at least thirty-five (35) rabbits if applying for a rabbit judge’s license, or fifteen (15) cavies if applying for a cavy judge’s license.

3. File an application with the ARBA Secretary, including an application fee. Application must be signed by at least twenty (20) ARBA adult members.(See schedule of fees below). There is no refund on this fee if the applicant fails the exam.

4. Complete examination, both written and oral, as soon as possible after making application. The examination must be taken and passed prior to officially assisting a judge at any show. No credit will be given for any show worked prior to examination.

5. Your ARBA District Director makes all arrangements for the examination. The applicant must pass the oral exam with a minimum grade of seventy (70) percent and the written exam with a minimum grade of eighty (80) percent.

6. If the applicant does not pass, he/she may contact the ARBA Secretary via telephone to review the questions missed. Another examination may be requested after a six (6) month waiting period but before a period of twelve (12) months has elapsed. A re-testing fee is required.

7. Assist at eight (8) all breed shows under licensed judges if applying for an all breed license and secure the endorsement of at least six (6) of those judges. Assist in the judging of the desired breed under licensed judges at three (3) shows if applying for a specialty license and secure the endorsement of at least two (2) of those judges. The specified number of shows are in addition to those worked while qualifying for a registrar’s license. Applicant must assist with the placement of awards in at least one (1) class in each breed worked.

8. Secure permission from the show superintendent and the judge with whom applicant will be working, prior to the show. Applicant cannot work a breed in which he/she is an exhibitor. Applicant cannot work at an ARBA convention show. Applicant can assist at only one show each calendar day for official credit.

9. The examination must be passed and the required number of shows worked and passed within a three(3) year period from the date of application.

10. All licensed judges must attend an ARBA judge’s conference at least once every five (5) years. An annual review test must be completed and passed, if required.

11. A judge must hold a registrar’s license and keep it valid.


1. Application fee: $100.00

2. Re-test fee: $50.00

3. Annual renewal fee: Rabbit – $20.00 per year (3 years for $50.00,Cavy – $15.00 per year (3 years for $35.00)

4. All licenses are due and payable on January 1st each year.

5. If license is lapsed for a period up to two (2) years, the judge may be reinstated by the Board of Directors upon payment of all back license fees plus a $10.00 reinstatement fee. ARBA MEMBERSHIP MUST REMAIN CURRENT AT ALL TIMES.

6. If license is lapsed for TWO (2) years or more, a new license application is required.


American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.
PO Box 426 Bloomington, IL 61702
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – Noon and 12:45 PM – 4:30 PM CST Phone: (309) 664-7500 Fax : (309) 664-0941 Email:



As you can see, it is not an overnight process to be an ARBA judge. In case you didn’t notice, the word REGISTRAR is very important. Registrar is a person who registers your rabbits for you. The rabbits that they register will have their details kept by ARBA. Show bunnies must be registered in order to be granded.

It would be nice to play pretend some day as an ARBA judge. But I’ll be so ashamed to even touch someone else’s rabbits as a judge if I do not even have a REGISTRAR license.

Go figure…



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7 responses to “No Shame, Boo Hoo!

  1. Yeah, I wish I could travel around the world and pretend I was an official judge!! Will you pay me to come there and judge a show for you? I can bring some grand champion rabbits for you to show and for me to pick out as the best…hahahahahahahaha

  2. Lindsey

    Interesting! I didn’t know you had to be a registrar before becoming a judge, hmm. It makes sense though I guess, you must know every breeds disqualifications, ect. I think you should really consider becoming a registrar!!

  3. furfurries

    OMG… this information is so crucial for the upcoming rabbit show in Malaysia! I wonder if the organisers are aware. I’d feel so sorry for them if they were cheated consciously through their own ignorance.

    • It depends very much on what the general public wants. Anyone can be judge if they just want to have fun. But as for ARBA sanctioned rabbits shows (which I believe the upcoming one is NOT), the judge must be holding a valid judge license with ARBA.

      That is the main reason of this post. To strike awareness of what ARBA is, and what a real show judge should be. And that being said, you and me could be a judge for a fancy show easily. There is no need to have a “facade”. Just because someone is tall, handsome & from a foreign land, it doesn’t mean he/she is a qualified judge.

      It thrills me to see people getting all excited just because of a foreign name.

      Think about it…

  4. Yes, furfurries…I believe that the organizers of the upcoming show are being cheated and duped by the supposed “judge” they hired. It’s too bad to because the people who are having their rabbits judged will not really know if they have a good rabbit or not.

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