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Disapproval: Beth vs Haley

Meet Haley, the meanest buhny on the block. Haley has been totally hormonal since the moment she arrived at Meadow Haven. I guess the journey traumatized her quite a bit or she just doesn’t like me all that much. LOL!

Don't push it!

Don't push it!

Haley has got a few karate moves which includes deadly headbutts & lighting speed punches.

Besides the hot temper, Haley is one of the most beautiful Holland Lop I have ever seen. She has got a huge head and her fur is just fantastic. I do not love her less because of her bad temper but instead, I think she is super cute!

And this morning I was inspired to write about the disapproval face off between Haley and my little daughter with equivalent temper. This was the result.

Sparing mode

Sparring mode

Disapproving Toddler

Disapproving Toddler



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