Sunday 3-in-1

I hope everyone’s having a great Sunday. I was contemplating whether to write 3 post and schedule them to appear for the next 3 days. But I am just too lazy to do that and therefore, write about 3 very random topics in just 1 post.

First of all, a little update on Carmel. The more I admire Carmel, the most stunning I find her to be. She is ever ready to strike a perfect show pose whenever she is being placed on the grooming table. Really love this doe tons and million. I am still very grateful for Kay’s generosity.

I absolutely love her when she does this!

I absolutely love her when she does this!

There is nothing else I could ask for when I this beautiful girl and there are definitely reasons for her to be among the top lops!


Haley is a very interesting character. I adore her loads! Sometimes I she will just sit at the cage door moving her head from side to side in deep thoughts while looking straight at me. She is such a doll to have and her actions are more of a puppy than a bunny.

Is this a puppy or a bunny?

Is this a puppy or a bunny?

This is the reason why I love Holland Lops sooOOooo much! They are just like puppies that do not bark!

Please don’t mind the messy cage floor. I placed a cardboard at the bottom for her to destroy. Try tearing up a cardboard while stepping on it. Kinda fun don’t you think?


TLR started raising Holland Lops in 2006. Have I produce any Show Quality bunnies thus far? Out of all the breedings so far, I dare say that there are 2 bunnies that in my opinion deserve to be on the show tables. The first would be Eclipse from BlueBerry & Skor cross and Truffles from Holly Hope & Skor cross. To be very honest and judgmental, more work has got to be done to improve from here. I am strictly refering to rabbits of my own breeding. I do not believe in importing Grand Champs and put them on the tables.

Speaking of Truffles, he needs a more prominent crown and bigger head. On the experience point of view, he proved to me that long ears are purely GENETICS. His ears seemed to be long because he has got a slipped crown. Looking at him, I refuse to believe in “Summer Ears”. Where we are, it is over 80 degrees fahrenheit constantly. For now, I strongly believe that genetics play a great role in the appearances of rabbits. The only effect the weather have on rabbits here in Malaysia is their coat. I find them molting constantly. I am not considering airconditioning plainly because, we must breed rabbits that are highly adaptable in our climate. I must ensure that my rabbits do not drop dead the moment there is no airconditioning so therefore, it is wise to keep them healthy under the natural condition.


Side Profile

Side Profile

It would be perfect if I could see the crown from this angle

It would be perfect if I could see the crown from this angle

Have a great Sunday everyone! God bless!



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4 responses to “Sunday 3-in-1

  1. darma

    Hey.. Nice.. nice..

  2. Truffles is getting so big! And looking so different, in a good way! 🙂

  3. Furfurries

    Carmel is such a pwincess.
    Haley flop is just adowabul.. 😀
    And truffles is just the exact duplicate of skor!! hansum bun!!

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