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Tough Inquiries!

Once in a while I do get inquiries through emails and phone calls with the toughest questions. Some questions are easy but they often caught me off guard. The past few days I have been receiving quite a number of calls and emails. Most of them are easy to handle but I needed time for some because they are to be tackled with care.

Simple questions are difficult to answer because these are issues of the past which I no longer have to deal with. Sometimes even when simple things happen in the rabbitry, I find it hard to think of the solution because they caught me off guard most of the time.

As much as I would like to be very honest and bluntly straight forward in my emails and phone calls as how I write my blog, I must be tactful in handling certain issues. Most of the time I am getting emails and phone calls from strangers and my words could be used against me. Past experiences has taught me to very careful and the good thing is, I do not operate a farm and my rabbits stay exclusive.

Just to share some questions I wish not to answer. Please do not ask me these questions anymore.

1) I noticed that your rabbits are so different from what I have seen locally. Why is that so?

If you have been following this blog, you’ll get the answer to that question easily. But since I have written so much and some may have missed it, here’s a little short explanation. Good and responsible breeders will always fall back to the breed standards. You will only get a certain look in the breed if you breed rabbits based on the Standard Of Perfection. You will never get a Netherland Dwarf if you are breeding towards the Holland Lop direction. Let’s start off with http://www.arba.net where most of the breed specification can be found.

2) You are one of the known rabbit breeders locally, may I know whose rabbits are the best?

My answer to this is, PLEASE JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. I do not like to mention names and I am not even bothered to compare. I just do not mention whatever or whoever I feel not worthy of recommendations. If you don’t hear it from me, please don’t ask. Just understand and pick up whatever I mention.

3) There is a show coming up, will you setup a booth there or are you participating?

Please do not misunderstand. I am NOT a farm operator. I am doing this solely for leisure and as a hobby. My rabbits will always stay exclusive. I emphasize on Quality & not quantity.

On whether I am participating or not, all I can say is that, I rather participating in something worthwhile where I can earn ARBA legs.

Well, I am sure most of you may be very confused with all the MAMBO JAMBO I am ranting. I guess what J of J & J told me once was very true indeed. I am honored that she told me so and it was quite enlightening for me. I do not mean to be braggy and proud but she did mentioned that TLR is a little too advanced for Malaysia. I truly understand that because the terms I use may make some go bonkers!

I still believe strongly on AWARENESS & EDUCATION. People just have to be exposed to the right thing from the start so that we can all move forward together. TLR will remain as a platform for educating the general public on this entire rabbit Hocus Pocus thing!


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