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My 5 Likables and Unlikables!

Nothing much seemed to be happening among the bunny “bloggersphere” these days and I thought of coming up with my own tagging “thing”. I call it the Likables vs the Unlikables. Those tagged must list down 5 of their most unlikable and 5 most likable things/events/happenings in their bunyard or rabbitry.

So here’s mine for starters:


1. Healthy newborn kits snuggled warmly with a nice nest (this is top priority for now)

2. 5 months old growing up handsome/pretty/cute

3. Stock up day (makes me feel complete! and the smell of fresh HAY!)

4. My bunnies going to very good homes

5. Learning something new from a fellow breeder


1. Bad inquiries (no proper introduction & scary/demanding inquirer)

2. Having 8 bunnies molt all at the same time

3. Bunnies falling ill

4. Waiting for does to kindle and they missed

5. Stubborn rabbits with bad toilet habits

I would like to tag the following bloggers:

furfurries.wordpress.com, thefluffies.wordpress.com, furrybutts.wordpress.com, lazzybunny.wordpress.com, scbunnay.blogspot.com, sonshinerabbitry.wordpress.com, keepsrabbitry.blogspot.com, starliterabbitry.blogspot.com, mini-lop-blog.blogspot.com, lilbitfarms.blogspot.com, mrbarrington.blogspot.com, kismetrabbitry.blogspot.com, suburbanbuns.blogspot.com, bunnychoy.wordpress.com, cocojune.blogspot.com & allbunniesgreatandsmall.com/category/blog/




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