Tails From Meadow Have Chapter 10: Top Buns

“Hey you there, what’s the name again?”

“That’s Mr. Skor for you bunster…”

“Whatever. You look bored. Ever date the honies buhnies before. Look at me, am I top bun or what?”

“Don’t speak too soon bunster, I date and made more honies buhnies than you so far”

“Let me see, there’s a Carmel, a Haley, a Holly Hope. Life’s good I must say”

“Alright bunster, you’ve gone too far there”

“Bring it on Skor boy, tell me what ya got”

“Not much just a Noobie, a BlueBerry, a Bandie, one Adinna and a Holly Hope”

“Now that’s nothing to me”

“No bunster, with the 3 honies buhnies I had Luna, Tinga, Muffet, Eclipse, Charlyz, Moesha, Truffles, Camior, Seychel, Shiro Milkyway to just name a few. So now, what say you?”

Bunny laughters could be heard all around Meadow Haven..

To be continued…



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3 responses to “Tails From Meadow Have Chapter 10: Top Buns

  1. Skor and Clark are PIMP! 🙂


  2. furfurries

    ehh Skor… u missed out some… there’s also a Bandie and Adina!!!

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