EmJay’s Not Here

This is another post I would like to dedicate to the King Of Pop, Micheal Jackson. I felt it was such a pity that he did not get his last wish which is to make a come back through his last concert tour. He missed it by just 2 weeks.

Holly Hope was suppose to be due today with Clark’s offspring. Unfortunately she missed. I was quite confident she took but at the same time was skeptical when she started building a perfect nest 2 weeks before her due date.

I expected at least one black kit out of this litter and I was planning to name it EmJay.

Empty Nest

Recalling all the songs by Micheal Jackson that I have listened throughout my life so far, I just cannot help but to share the feeling of emptiness with all those that mourn his death around the world. Just take a look at this empty nest. It is like our world today. We are missing a significant part of it.

Let’s ponder what good can we make out of this void that we are experiencing today. I guess we are lack of love. How did we treat Micheal Jackson when he was alive? The many things that Micheal Jackson was in my opinion was the outcome of the impact the hungry mass media had on him. The invasion of his privacy among others was what shaped him to who he is in our eyes today be it good or bad. Why did we not appreciate him as much when he was still around? Is it because goodness will never last and we are quick to judge on the first mistake? Do we sentence someone to death the moment they make a mistake?

Shall we all appreciate our bunnies more today?

I guess we will never know how much we miss someone or something until it/he/she is gone…


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  1. AH I can’t believe MJ passed away! Such a sad loss… and the few who think its a good thing are so miserable… how can you want anybody to die? Though some things seemed rough for him I never thought jokes about him were funny. All he wanted was peace in the world.


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