Taking Chances

Aren’t we all prey animals in this predatory world? Sometimes it really depends on the rationale behind the chances we take. Nature always have the best solutions for tough situations. Take for example the love of a doe for her kits.

Many inexperienced rabbit owners often complained that their does are not feeding their young. I have written this before and I am re-iterating it again. Rabbit does are compelled to run as far as they can in search of food and to avoid predators coming near their nest.

So what are the predators in our lives? They can manifest in the physical form. A bugglar or a rapist perhaps. Predators can also manifest in the form of diseases.

Dangers are lurking at every corner and it depends very much on how much chances and risks we are willing to take. Is it worth it to even expose oneself to the dangers eventhough it is only for a few hours?

There are certain desires in life which could be fulfiled in mere split seconds but the consequences and circumstances may last a lifetime.

When you know of the risks, would you decide to go head on?

I am sure if the benefit outweighs the disadvantages and cons, it may well worth a shot.

As for me, my family both human and furballs are just too precious for me to risk it. Therefore, the answer for now is NO!

If you have got nothing to lose, it might be a YES for you. But please remember, only bring along what is dispensible. Something that you can afford losing forever…

I pray hard and hope that this is not a gimmick that only benefit a few in the long run. It’s easy to be taken advantage of and being made into being a tool for someone else’ gain. What is in it for you?

Good luck and all the best to all of you!


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