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Ouch, Counterfeit Judges Too?

HOW TO BE AN OFFICIAL JUDGE! (click here for the article)

My wife just reminded me this morning that I used to be a very aggressive blogger writing about my life experiences in general and how people are touched by my articles. I believe when we read something that we could relate to, we feel very enriching and hopeful. Most of my writings were often seen as challenges against the human conscience and principles.

The words fake and real are very closely related to good and bad. The biggest difference to set us human apart from the animal kingdom is our ability to judge between the right and the wrong. Yes, we are governed by a thing called CONSCIENCE for which without, the world would be doomed.

When I first started blogging about my rabbits, I promised myself to never again pull in the personal elements into my rabbit blog. It is quite impossible for me to do that now because this hobby runs in my blood. It has become a very personal part of my life. What is there to life if it is all about being discreet?

Piracy is one of the biggest challenges our entertainment industries is suffering at this very moment. Billions are lost through piracy. There are 2 sides of the coin in this issue. Are entertainment industries raking too much and it has became very unreasonable? I am a strong believer in equal distribution of wealth and therefore to a certain extent, calls for more affordable media products. Whatever it is, I do not deny the fact that piracy is wrong. But yet, many people are still supporting piracy through purchases. What piracy is really doing is ripping off actors, actresses, screen writers, production crews & many others their rightful “wage”.

How the heck raising rabbits move into the topic of piracy and counterfeit?

I have been following the rabbit show world for a while now and through the little understanding I have, I cannot help but to feel that the rabbit showing world is about to suffer a hard blow in what I believe to be the biggest insult it will ever experience. In fact, I feel sorry for ARBA because the biggest FARCE is about to take place.

With all due respect, I have high regards for all the people putting in the hard work and effort into making this event a successful one. But on the other hand, I just cannot help but to feel sorry for all ARBA registrars and licensed judges. I am talking about ARBA registered rabbitries and breeders doing NON-ARBA stuff! It really does feel like treason! LOL!

I do not deny the fact that life is all about having fun but at the same time I strongly hold on to the word INTEGRITY and CREDIBILITY. This is the true expression of my feelings because I was quite overwhelmed by it while I was chatting with someone who is currently working very hard to obtain an ARBA judge license.

I cannot help but to feel all the efforts one takes to be an ARBA judge will soon be proven futile and of no value. But then again, these are feelings that only people like myself would feel as not many take this rabbit fever all that seriously. But I hope people still return to their conscience to see the right from wrong.

By condoning this although it is fun, is an insult to the many people who have worked so very hard to be where they are.

I hope everyone reading this would understand the feeling and share the same sentiments as me. I am lost for words and I am sure many of you would too.

All I want to say is that, I will not deprived THUNDER, CLARK, HALEY & CARMEL of their rightful WORTH! For theirs should be a LICENSED ARBA judge no matter fun or real! No money can buy conscience & self-worth!

Good riddance to bad rubbish!


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