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Rabbit Owners, Mobilize & Get Ready To Roll Out!

We are in the midst of starting up Malaysia Rabbit Owners Club (MROC – pronounced as M Rock!). The first step is to hold a meeting of at least 7 members to form a committee. The poll has indicated we do have enough numbers. Details will be disclosed at later point of time. For those who are interested, please email your name, address and contact numbers to Ms. Felicity at felicity_junlyn@yahoo.com or myself Mr. Tim at truluvrabbitry@gmail.com.

The initial objectives of the club as stated in the polls post would be:

1) The club acts as a central repository for all rabbit owners in Malaysia. This would be a central point of reference for those interested in keeping rabbits as pets. New owners will be able to contact breeders and learn more before getting their new pets.

2) Organize shows that caters for all target group.

3) The club’s main objective should be to educate the general public and ensure the well being of rabbits in Malaysia. The club will also promote responsible pet rabbit ownership and emphasis will be given to help control rabbit population through education on benefits of neutering pets.

These are just some of the suggested club objectives and more will be added before the first meeting will be held to finalize our objectives that are needed to form the club.

Again, for those who are interested to help, please get in touch with Ms. Felicity or myself.

The email addresses to remember are:

1) Ms. Felicity (felicity_junlyn@yahoo.com)

2) Mr. Tim (truluvrabbitry@gmail.com)

Dear rabbit owners let’s mobilize and get ready to roll out! We welcome all rabbit owners irregardless of Purebreds or Mixed breds! As long as you’re a rabbit owner or someone that loves rabbit without owning one, we want you! What ya waiting for?

Email us NOW!


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