I Like Chocolates & Sundays!

Truffles turn 6 months today while Seychel will be 6 months in 12 days time.

I always catch Little Seychel sitting upright in her cage and at certain angles, she’s really pretty. It would be perfect if her ears are a little shorter. I wish I had the DSLR today because she was posing for me. Anyhow, here’s a photo captured with the regular camera.

I am so proud of my own breedings at the moment. These 2 kits are cool! Oops, no longer kits, they are both grown ups now!

Getting Bulky

Getting Bulky

In case you didn’t know, Seychel is a broken chocolate doe. Hope to get nice solid chocolates from her!



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6 responses to “I Like Chocolates & Sundays!

  1. I think Seychel looks more well-built then Shiro. His head is not bloom yet and the ears.. 😛

    Will upload his photo soon.

    He has been very2 notty towards me. I wish i can hug and kiss this boy all the time, LOL!

  2. shahfiq/adesh

    Waaa..Truffles turn 6mnths and our Bugsy turn 8mnths on July 3rd..you can see his latest pictures through this link..http://www.chestnutpictures.com/?p=121

  3. Aww, Seychel is so cute! :3

  4. bunnychoy

    U have such a adorable bunny there! I always love Holland Lops. Wish to get one if it’s APPROVED by my ‘Master’ 😀

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