Back-2-Nature Litter Bedding



This is an overdue post that I should have written much earlier. Being such a procrastinator sometimes is not a good thing at all. As I have written previously, TLR supports and practices environmental friendly ways of managing the rabbitry. This is yet another environmental friendly litter materials that I am currently using. I know there are many recycled paper litter materials in the market but feeling the texture of Back-2-Nature litter bedding, I feel that is much more appropriate for rabbits.

Softer Pelleted Recycled Paper

Softer Pelleted Recycled Paper

I am sure most of you can relate with me as to how our beloved bunnies tend to “bring down the shower”. I could almost recall vaguely that someone once told that she could hear “fountain-like” noise when her rabbit take a leak. One of the reasons why rabbits without proper waste management stinks is because the owners are not using a litter material absorbent enough to absorb the pee.

Close up of the litter material

Close up of the litter material

Back-2-Nature is softer and in my opinion is able to absorb more efficiently and effectively. At the moment I am trying it on Seychel and it seemed to be working very well.

Seychel checking out the new material, APPROVED!

Seychel checking out the new material, APPROVED!

DIY Litter Tray

DIY Litter Tray

There you go, another good recommendation for the bestest of your bunny!



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4 responses to “Back-2-Nature Litter Bedding

  1. Hi! Mommy and I are looking for a litter like this! How much is a bag? Also, Mom doubts that it’s available here in the Philippines so can you help us get one? Uhm, ship it perhaps?

    • No problem at all Luna. Need to workout the shipment charges. It cost MYR24 for 6 liters. I will try to ask about shipping cost. Let you know soon!

      • Thanks! We’ll look forward to it. 🙂 Also, how long does a 6 liter bag last? Mommy’s thinking about how many I’ll need because I’m a growing bunny. Plus, it’s a little expensive for her (she just started working, see).

      • 6 liters can last approximately 2 weeks for a single bunny if you remove only soiled bedding and top up on new bedding once every 2 days. Let’s continue this bedding talk through email. Thanks!

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