Kay Miller

For the first time, I found it hard to give an appropriate title to my blog post. Kay Miller is one of the most wonderful people that I have the privilege of knowing. There are many words that I could use to describe her. These words just cannot fit into a title and therefore, I am keeping it simple like how I think Kay would like it. Just Kay Miller will do.

But do let me share the words that describe the person Kay is. She is generous, kind, humble and filled with humility. I have never met Kay in person and likewise she have not met me in person too. What really brought us together was indeed through 2 of the most beautiful Holland Lops that she willingly shared with me.

I would really like to put a beautiful face to the beautiful name. I found some beautiful pictures of her on the internet and am now awaiting the approval from the website owner to allow me to use these photos. I am not too sure if Kay would mind me posting her photo on my blog being the low profile person she is. I hope she do not mind.

My post yesterday highlighted the “heavyweights” of the Holland Lop world but you must know that there are many more low profile breeders that could do as much damage to the show table. Kay Miller is one of those breeders that could make quite a big impact in shows while being low profile.

I stumbled across her cute little website today and thought it would be nice to share it – http://millerlops.googlepages.com/home:).

I realize that Clark has produced quite a few beauties for Kay before he came to TLR. I really do hope to get kits from him soon.

And I know Carmel means a lot to Kay as she is still listed under the does page. Really appreciate the honorary mention. I am overjoyed to see Kuala Lumpur written on the website of a reputable Holland Lop breeder’s website.

And as you can see, Kay has been working with Holland Lops since 1980. That’s 29 years of Holland Lop development. You can imagine how strong the Holland Lop bloodline is in her rabbitry.

It takes a lot of trust for her to share these beautiful rabbits of hers. And I personally take it upon myself to ensure the purity of these rabbits. I can only trust myself in ensuring that these beautiful Holland Lops do not get mixed by irresponsible hands.

That’s from the bottom of my heart about this wonderful person named Kay Miller from Colorado. I could never thank you enough for your generosity.


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