A Very Special Visit!

I am so honored to have Keat visiting the rabbitry. I learned so much in the span of a short few hours during his visit. Keat is filled with so much knowledge that I found it really hard to keep up. But one thing for sure, he LOVES Thunder!

Keat checking out Muffet

Keat checking out Muffet

Besides all the bunny talks, many important topics were discussed today and mostly was about Holland Lops (of course). There were mana “AHA!” moments and one particular statement made by Keat really stood out from the rest. He told me over lunch that he enjoys hanging out with fellow rabbit enthusiasts. I could relate to that immediately because up until today, I was trying to figure out what was it between rabbit people that is so attractive. The words that I was looking for exactly are “a quiet understanding”. Keat brought that out very clearly when he mentioned that when rabbit people come together, there is no need for explanation as to why he likes rabbits. To put it plainly each rabbit person would know exactly why they are attracted to rabbits. That’s exactly what draws me to rabbit people too. I don’t have to explain myself to people who do not understand my liking for this wonderful breed called the Holland Lops.

Keat taught me a lot of stuff today from judging Holland Lops to sharing with me how he palpate does for kits. He adviced me to work on what matters as far as point allocation was concerned for the Holland Lops. The gis of it all that I can’t agree more was that color is not at all important in Holland Lops as that only contributes very little in the overall point allocation. He somehow puts me into the right perspective.

Keat got Clark to pose in an instant!

Keat got Clark to pose in an instant!

I was hoping Keat would point out some of my mistakes in the overall management of the rabbitry and I basically left the rabbitry like how it usually is. I did not go out of the way cleaning and making it shine to impress. But I was flattered that Keat thought it was very clean and my rabbits are all healthy.

His end remark was “…visiting the premier rabbit man, Timmy Chan, in Malaysia. We should all keep our rabbits that clean!!!”. That really cracked me up.

As a conclusion of his visit, I must say that TLR needs to reset the clock and try things all over again. If you can decode that it would be good, but I am sure Keat knows what I am referring to. He left without any stones unturned as far as the rabbits are concerned.

Since I was busy listening, he even wrote notes for me!

Since I was busy listening, he even wrote notes for me!

Thank you so much Keat, I really appreciate you coming over and showing me a thing or two!

In case you didn’t know, Keat’s an ARBA Registrar and he knows Holland Lops!

He owns a hobby farm called Tymin.



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2 responses to “A Very Special Visit!

  1. I REALLY enjoyed this post! It was excellent. Glad you had fun! 🙂

  2. Why are you so hak-hei? Pleasure all mine.
    Now you must make plans to visit the U.S. I will show you the “must-see” rabbitries. Guarantee jaw dropping experience.
    Looking forward to sharing more experience with each other in the future.

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