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7.2 lbs Holland Lop!?

The standard calls for Holland Lops to be 4 lbs (MAXIMUM) and that’s approximately 1.8 kgs. And look what I found out about the Rabbit Hill’s Skor.

A Whooping 7.2 lbs!!!

A Whooping 7.2 lbs!!!

The scale showed 3.25 kgs! My eyes nearly popped out their sockets!

I was so attracted to the way Skor was posing that I forgotten that someone tweaked my scale. After a quick adjustment, I got the right figure. He weighs almost 1.9 kgs or 4.2 lbs. just 0.2 over the standard.

That's 1.9 kg. What a relief!

That's 1.9 kg. What a relief!

With the does, breeders usually do not mind if there are big and ugly. Brood does come in many shapes and sizes. It made me wonder sometimes if there is such thing as a “brood” quality buck. I dare say now that my question has been answered. If we need those normal and big does to avoid getting peanuts, I believe normal/false dwarf bucks could be used with true dwarf does to help us get true dwarfs and at the same time avoid getting peanuts.

Skor is a very chunky huggable bunny. You’ll be tempted to give him a good squeeze if you see him. Don’t all Hollands make you feel the same?

Have a nice Sunday everyone!



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