A Humble Tribute To Yasmin Ahmad

I am sure all of us remember this one:

Her world is one that none of us could explain. She is above all our “normal” understandings and beliefs. She is one artwork that we will never be able to replace. Just like the world lost Michael Jackson, we have indeed lost our central creativity. She has boldly defy what we believe to be the “norm”.

Taken from The Storyteller - http://yasminthestoryteller.blogspot.com/

Taken from The Storyteller - http://yasminthestoryteller.blogspot.com/

Yasmin Ahmad left this world with many of her beautiful creations. What makes her work so unacceptable to us was because she told the truth through the lenses. She told the truth from her inner most being – her inner soul. Indeed she has lived and we have merely existed, and yet we continue to exist.

One TV commercial that none of us could ever forget was the one simply entitled “Tan Hong Ming’s Love”. It was aired a few weeks before we celebrated our 50th year of independence. Let’s spend a little time watching this simple but yet very provocative video.

Set at a national school where children of all races come together for their formal primary education, Tan Hong Ming was asked whether he has got a girlfriend. We know not to encourage dating at such a young age but his innocence was what we really needed. We, the adults must indeed remember the time where “TRUE” love flourished. Tan Hong Ming’s love isn’t one that is ordinary in our eyes. You see, in reality we were called to be scattered through race. Look at the political parties we have today. They are race based! Look at public schools today. They are race based! That is exactly what makes Tan Hong Ming’s love so pure and uncorrupted! He have learned to love a girl of a different race. It makes me wonder why are we trying so hard when what we really need is sheer simplicity. Why are our leaders making decisions that could only bring harm to these innocent children that we learn so much from?

We are all shamed by the innocence Yasmin Ahmad has brought out through his creation. Gone are the days when we have a game of football with friends of many different races, background and creed. Today we have so much differences that are created in the imagination of our minds. We poison our own beliefs. We become fanatics.

It is nerve wreaking that our local dailies are selling with headlines highlighting DEAF, MURDER, THEFT, RAPE and POLITICAL UNREST. We no longer want all these. We are in the 21st century and are civilized beings. We no longer live on trees or in caves and definitely hunting is not one of our main activities in life. We are called to increase the population of our country but yet we’re killing ourselves. There are much more to be celebrated. Let’s stop all the petty issues today and move on to build a better tomorrow.

I take my hat off Yasmin Ahmad. She is no different but a human that fight for unity. Her world could be shared even more if only there isn’t any discrimination. Many international awards but unrecognized in her own homeland. Many would agree that she worked very hard to be recognized locally.

I saw this one in Singapore:

This one brought tears to my eyes:

And how could we forget the commercial that never fails to remind us Chinese folks to go back home for reunion dinner every Chinese New Year?

And isn’t this one real?

How many more good people must be lose in order for us to truly be awake?

May you rest in peace Yasmin Ahmad. You have touched our lives. May we make a conscious decision with good conscience for UNITY.

Thank you for all that you have given us. SEPET remains my favorite homegrown movie.


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