Truffles’ New Home

First of all, I must say that Bugsy is a VERY VERY nice little bunny! This little Siamese Sable (I think ND x Polish) is absolutely beautiful and his color is so amazing! Bugsy belongs to Shahfiq & Adesh (absolutely perfect couple). My parents say they move together – a match made in heaven indeed. LOL!

Shahfiq & Adesh are the proud owners of Tru-Luv Truffles. I am so thrilled to announce that they are photography enthusiasts as well. Just take a look at this photo they took and the amazing setup they have for both Truffles and Bugsy. The things we do for our bunnies – OMG!

Fit for kings!

Fit for kings! Photo courtesy of

For more updates on Truffles please visit Bunnies do bring people together and I am very honored to have known both Shahfiq & Adesh. Thank you so much for approaching me!



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2 responses to “Truffles’ New Home

  1. guardadocumentos

    it is nice .

  2. shahfiq/adesh

    Thanks for Truffles..Thanks for the nail trimming uncle Tim (from Bugsy)

    And we do agree – things that we do for our bunnies!!

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