Seychel making some progress

Poo, Poop, Doodie, Doo Doo, Craps (stop laughing Teri!) or whatever you call it, definitely something most of us would not like to be associated to. Unfortunately, it is not the case with rabbits. If you’re looking for something to represent the term “full of sh*t”, look for a rabbit. Yes, I am writing out of frustration. What else to make myself feel happier than to be the most sarcastic, hormonal and emotional bloke on earth?

You’ve been warned, rabbits definitely bring out the worst in you. If you are a seasoned rabbit person, you’ll realize how happy SH*T, POOP, Doo Doo and Crap can make you feel!

I’ve never come across any hobby that have high regards for such a disgusting thing! And yet, the more sh*t thrown at you, the more you are drawn to it! Just like a line from this movie that my wife is currently watching entitled “He’s Just Not Into You”. In the opening scene a little boy pushed a little girl and the girl’s mommy told her that the reason why the boy was treating her badly was because he likes her. That’s exactly how this love and hate relationship is between Man and Rabbit!

All that crap being said, I would like to thank all who have followed all the crap that has been happening at TLR and have prayed fervently. One thing I learn about rabbits so far is that, it’s a challenge of who has got the bigger crap! Since I have been thrown so much crap, I’m making a bigger crap to be thrown back. That way, I am sure they will thrive and start to act like rabbits and thus, breed like rabbits!

Yes, I have had enough of them acting up on me and it is time to fight back with a vengence. NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY! And no bunny satay or fried bunny for dinner either. I am so not going to give them my love. They are so grounded!

And back to the topic of this post, I found some regular not that small poop on Seychel’s tray. A small part of me rejoices but then again, not being too nice just in case anything should happen, I’ll be able to say “Que Sera Sera”!

Here you go, the crap we all so love about our rabbits…

Left: No good Crap & Right: Not that bad Crap!

Left: No good Crap & Right: Not that bad Crap!


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