Seychel’s weak again

Short lived happiness. Another fact that you’ll learn about rabbits. I think I should just stop posting because some people may be offended with the little humor and sarcasm in my postings. But what the heck, this is the real thing. This is what rabbit owners go through and like everything in this world, they are not all that beautiful.

Of course I’ll love to paint a superficial and super nice picture of my life and my rabbits but let’s all be realistic here. Life is not always that beautiful and that is a fact. When you’re down, you’re way down and you just cannot say you’re fine. I mean you could say that you’re fine but that’s just lying to oneself.

Also, what is not said doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The fact of life remains that no one will ever admit anything that they have intention to hide.

What can I say about Seychel. I believe she’s all clogged up again. I’ll have to try treating her more aggressively this evening if she could pull through another day. I was happy that she was starting to chew on hay and was drinking on her own. But my gut feeling tells me that she’s not doing too well this morning.

When situations like these arises, self-consolation usually kicks in. There are many things that I am telling myself which will not sound too good to certain people. So I am refraining myself from writing it out loud.



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9 responses to “Seychel’s weak again

  1. Have you tried canned pumpkin? That can help if they are blocked… Pineapple juice or papaya (either tablet form from health food store, or the dried you should be able to buy from your local grocery store in bulk.)

    Hopefully she recovers soon!

    • I have given fresh pineapple juice. We’ll see how that works out. The strange thing is, she’s not crouching and grinding her teeth like how a bunny with stasis would. I believe it is different in every rabbit.

  2. mei leng

    hi, good morning and hope yr baby girl is good as well. two months ago, my june suddenly stop eating. so, as usual, i try to give her pineapple juice and yogurt, but her condition had not improved. in order to c whether my june poo and pee or not, i had to separate her with my coco. of course, she pee and poo very very little. she was not eating and very moody. she eat so little for more than one week and i finally decided to let her mixed with my coco again. surprisingly, she began to eat gradually, so i guess because i separate her from coco, her lover….so she was very depress…..may be u can try to let yr baby girl mix with other buns, let them stick together and groom each other…..hope this will help.

    • Thanks a lot Mei Leng. Seychel is definitely not in the mood of entertaining any bucks at the moment. Putting her with a buck right now will definitely stress her out more and it will not help with the situation. I am trying not to make too much drastic changes to her environment and let her feel as comfortable as possible and hopefully the engine will start running again.

      Thanks for the suggestion nonetheless.

  3. I highly suggest trying the canned pumpkin. We had a Satin buck who wasn’t pooping, and after a few syringes of the canned pumpkin, start pooping just fine and went back onto feed, etc! The pumpkin is one thing we make sure we always have on stock!!

  4. June

    Tim, u might wanna try to give Seychel’s little tummy a massage. Hope that would help..

    Get well soon, Seychel!

  5. bunnychoy

    It’s heartache when know any baby bunnies are sick. I have less idea how to manage a sick baby, but learn a little basic, common rabbits’ health from u guys & reference books. I always worry it might happen someday. I give Choychoy a tiny piece of fresh papaya twice in a week to smooths her peristalsis preventing GI stasis. I read somewhere that ‘critical nutrition’ from oxbow did work on some case like this. Choychoy is now almost 3 yrs old always healthy, I caught her pulling her own fur & kept those fur inside her tiny mouth full trice. I swab it out all from her mouth twice & the other time she made it out herself. I dun know if they pull out their own fur due to stress/frustration. Would it be one of the causes of GI stasis? Seychel is in my prayer. I deeply wish that your baby girl make it throw. Honestly, u’re doing great on Holland Lops, it need a lot of courage being a parent of Holland Lops.

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