Through The Rain

So what happens after the thunderstorm? There is a moment of silence. The silence normally breaks with the sound of birds chirping. That is exactly what accepting the facts of life is all about for me.

Today will be the second day that I wonder what awaits me at home. We all do hope Seychel will come around and be well again. I have exhausted all resources and my mental strength in keeping her alive. I will continue to do the same this evening.

I have to remind myself to take pride in saving her (if I am able) but if she decides to give up, there is nothing much I could do. I’ll always remember to stay cheerful in the presence of a sick bunny. They could pick the bad vibes up from us.

Let’s see what happens…


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  1. Husband & I keep Seychel in our prayers. U do great being a parent of Holland Lops. It’s not an easy role, needing a lots of courage & strength.

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