Patience is a virtue?

Twenty to Thirty years – that is how long it took some of the best breeders in US to achieve their objective of producing top lops. Where am I? 3 years. Not even half way there. Will I be able to sustain for another 7 years at least? Probably provided that I am successful in getting what I have now bred. My numbers are decreasing. 3 bucks to 4 does out of which only 1 had given me a viable kit thus far.

Will I be able to sustain another 17 years? Most probably not. I am not too sure, it’s too far ahead. It is really tiring and I am not sure if I could really take all the heartaches anymore.

When you go into Holland Lops, the odds are already against you. Viable litters most of the time comes only in 50%. Out of which your entire herd’s death rate stands at approximately 20%. Which means out of 100, 20 would die due to unknown causes. I only have 7 right now. I really do hope that the odds leave me alone for a while, at least.

It is particularly hard being one of the pioneers of raising this breed in Malaysia. Have all my US breeder friends to thank for all the sharing of experiences. I’ve never seen a hobby that could take over your life but as the saying goes, Holland Lop rules!

Indeed they do…


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