Adventures of Un-4-tunate!

Meet Un-4-tunate, our invincible Holland Lop!

Meet Un-4-tunate, our invincible Holland Lop!

Beep! Beep!

“Mom, this new tracking device is way cool!”, said Luceel

“That’s the last toy mommy can afford. Make sure you use it well and bring it wherever you go so I can track you down easily”, his mom replied.

“I know just the right candidate to use this on”, thought Luceel



“I release you from your bondage Un-4-tunate”, said Luceel to his pet holland lop.

“Wherever you go, I’ll be able to locate you through this screen”, he thought to himself.

Beep!  Beep!  Beep! … … …

“That rascal is heading to the pet store!”, exclaimed Luceel

“Wait a minute, he stopped!”

Road Kill!

Road Kill!

The moral of the story is, NEVER let your bunny loose! They could be dead within minutes. Run over by a car and falling prey to stray animals such as cats and dogs are among the cause of death. Ensure you supervise their playtime and do not leave them unattended!

This is another community service reminder coming from TLR!



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6 responses to “Adventures of Un-4-tunate!

  1. June

    Can u pls draw more bunny comics for us? 🙂

  2. furfurries

    HAHAHAHAHHAHA It’s an eerie humour! but good nevertheless!!! 😉

  3. Eli

    so cute yet so tragic 😛

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