I laugh at WANNABES!

When I was in high school, I love listening to POETIC AMMO – a local hip hop group. I especially enjoy songs that was about copycats and wannabes. Although this group has since defunct, I still listen to one of their individual efforts. Maybe in certain songs, wannabes or copycats are still rapped about. We can’t help it, basically this world is filled with scums that will copy whatever you do. Some countries are especially famous for being counterfeits. It takes an entire nation to collectively act that way. It is just sad how some people do not have brains of their own to think. I am alright with people being copycats but for crying out loud, please be discreet about it! When I see people posting in a manner that seemed to copy someone else’ blog, the hair on the back of my neck stands up like the ASTRO antenna!

I came across some that shouts from the top of their BLOGs the following:

1) We keep our numbers low to ensure QUALITY (very textbook – PARROTING)

2) We have purebreds (another PARROT phrase)

3) Let’s improve the quality of rabbits in Malaysia (yet another PARROT phrase)

4) We imported rabbit from … (all can import but it depends more on who’s sending)

5) We’re not doing it all for the MONAY (it is written all over your face!)

But unknowingly, what’s written on their blogs slaps back harder on their faces as it clearly shows the following:

1) Continue breeding mixed breeds (labeled as pets – CHEATING which is also Forbidden/HARAM)

2) Copying every single thing others do (like PARROTS)

3) Imported inferior stocks (God have mercy!)

4) Tagging pet quality as show quality (another Forbidden/HARAM action)

5) Totally ignorant about the inaccurate facts that they write and proclaim (maybe due to PARROTING too much)

6) Tagging rabbits bred by other with their rabbitry name (don’t they know the basic rules?)

That is just so sad because the local rabbit quality will go no where with all these hypocrites and self proclaimed expert PARROTS! They just mimic every single thing that you do and go on pretending they are bunny GODs! CRAP! BAH!

They are just nothing but some BACKYARD BREEDERS trying to con and rip someone as ignorant as them (or worst) off! Maybe they don’t know what backyard breeders are. Well, allow me to digress. Backyard breeders are individuals that breeds inferior stocks at the front porches or the backyards of their houses. Most of the time their breeding operates at the back of their dodgy backyards, thus the term backyard breeders. They do not invest in superior stocks, they do not feed their animals superior food, and their customers are normally not superior either. That is the market that they target. These breeders will never give a second thought where their pets will end up and most of the time, their inferior stocks reaches the hands of those just like them or worst. I have seen too much of such breeders and had enough.

The best part is, another breeder have passed them their “not so good” stocks to start off their little ventures. They are slowly turning totally into what they professed and proclaimed not to be. Losing my respect for them altogether. I guess at the end of the day, money talks and the mouth walks…..

I don’t know the source but the quote for today is “Everyone is born an original, but most die COPIES“…

Don’t you just love that?


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