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Phases Of Lives

I recently asked a very dear friend that have been raising rabbits for more than 10 years now what actually kept her in the hobby for so long. Her answer was a simple, “I just love it”. I guess it is really hard to explain the reason why someone pick up a hobby and get stuck with it forever.

I then took a step backward and did some thinking. I have had many pets throughout my life thus far. I couldn’t remember any particular point of my life that I did not have any pets around me. But then I wonder what is the “pattern” like for most of us.

There are a few phases of life that I recall through my observation. It is sort of like a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.

Most people start of having pets as children. As a child, some parents are gracious enough to think that having a pet will teach their beloved son or daughter the character of love. Or so they thought. Most of the children that get their first pet out of this basically run out of patience and give up their pets for good. Parents always end up taking over and soon, give up too! Poor animals off to the shelters.

Alright, let’s say mommy and daddy’s plan worked out superb and the kid get stuck with the pet. The child soon outgrow the pet and then came the juncture where everyone will never miss in pet raising – death of a pet. And right after, little kiddo misses little bunny and so off to the pet shop again to have another pick.

Then puberty hits and high school proms seemed much more interesting then little fur ball. So less time spent with little fluffy. Off so off to college little kiddo went and with that comes graduation, dating, full time job and marriage. All these with the absence of a pet.

The kids soon started popping…

Wait a minute! What happen to little bunny or little fluffy before all the dramas begin? Well, mommy and daddy took over and got hooked on to the hobby since now that they are retired and with loads of money to raise lotsa rabbits.

Alright, back to little kiddo. So the kids came and like his/her parent wanted so much to nurture his/her children the character of love, they got a pet, ONCE AGAIN…

Isn’t that all so familiar?

I sometimes think that having a hobby reflects how we are in our faith. A friend of mine did tell me once that those who are active in church activities are those below college going age and above retirement age. How interesting I thought. What happens to our faith in between that phase of our lives? What happens to our little furry friend in between that phase of our lives?

Are they not important to us anymore?

I hope and pray that all of you have a bunny when you are in kindergarten, have a bunny in elementary school, have a bunny in high school, have a bunny in college, have a bunny in the university, have a bunny while you’re dating, have a bunny when you propose or being proposed to, have a bunny when you hold your first baby, have a bunny when you hold your 2nd baby, have a bunny when you hold your 3rd baby, and I think enough of babies for now, have a bunny when your first baby say his/her first word, have a bunny when he/she take the first step, and please forget about all mother goose taboos of having pets are not healthy for baby in the womb, have a bunny when you hold your 4th baby (look who is breeding like bunnies!), have a bunny when you get a job (isn’t that suppose to be before the babies?), have a bunny when you move into your house (where the heck are you living with the kids and bunny before that!?), have a bunny when you walk your daughter down the aisle, have a bunny when your youngest leave home, have a bunny when you retire, have a bunny when you start losing your hair, have a bunny when you and your spouse grow old and grey and perhaps have a bunny with you in the grave.

Not too sure how many bunnies you’ll have in a lifetime, I am glad I still do have my bunnies right next to me! Please don’t forget that particular Marley in our lives.

Don’t forget to MROC coz you need a few bunny friends too!


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