Prayers for Holly Hope

“Spring” maybe coming to Meadow Haven once again. Yes, Holly Hope is pregnant with Clark’s babies. I intended to keep this as a little secret until she delivers but something really bad happened to her today and I urge everyone to pray for this little girl of mine.

A normal Holly Hope

A normal Holly Hope

A very pregnant Holly Hope

A very pregnant Holly Hope

I must admit that I was very careless. Nothing will make me feel better than to express myself as always. Again, No Holds Barred manner. I was changing her water and I forgotten to latch the cage door. She was happily jumping up and down her nest box and out of a sudden, she lost her footing and took a 4 feet plunge unto the floor. She struggled a little to get back up her feet. Soon after she was running around like the usual.

So please please please, I beg of all of you, to pray for Holly Hope and her kits. I just can’t forgive myself at the moment. It is really hard for me to accept.

It’s been a really long while since I had kits in the nest box. I just gave her the nest box today and she started building a nest immediately. As she was busy building her little nest, I showed my baby girl and explained to her that we’ll be having baby bunnies soon. She was really excited.

I estimated a triplet

I estimated a triplet

I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a good delivery and healthy kits in the nest box come next week.

Thank you all for your prayers. God bless!



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5 responses to “Prayers for Holly Hope

  1. Susie

    Best of luck and many prayers and good thoughts!!! 🙂 Glad to hear she is okay…


  2. eli

    Congrats! Glad to hear that there will soon be little kits at Meadow Haven again. Dont worry too much, i’m sure Holly Hope and her babies will be fine, we are all praying for them 🙂

  3. We both pray for Truffles’s mommy 😀

    and from side, truffles do look like her…aaaww..sooo cute!

    i have a feeling she’s gonna be alright..and also the babies!

    yay…bunnies in meadow haven again!

  4. Holly and babies will be okay. Dun wori 😉

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