Holly Hope Day 31: Disaster Strikes


My Statistics is all time HIGH today. I am not too sure and correct me if I am wrong, readers of this blog seemed to be excited whenever I write about controversies and bad news. Thank you for patronizing.

But I have many concern friends and readers to thank. Thank you so much for all your prayers for Holly Hope and everybun at TLR. I really appreciate it. My sincere thank you to all of you. It has been a rough journey so far and you all are the ones that kept me inspired and kept on going. My sincere apologies for being too straight forward and also for posting very explicit contents. This is the true experience of a Holland Lop breeder in Malaysia and all these that I am facing is not even close to 10% of what other professional breeders are facing. Not that I like them happening but that is REAL Holland Lops for you – BELIEVE IT OR NOT. I told ya’ll that you’ll never be profitable with Holland Lops didn’t I? If you don’t believe just try to observe what breeds the guy next door is working on…

In life we win some and we lose some. But in Holland Lops, we lose most of the time.

I would like to thank everyone for their prayers but I am extremely sad to inform that it is just not happening. I wouldn’t want to dwell into details so please do not ask. All I can say is that, I woke up finding a DOA in the nest box and Holly Hope was still in labor.

Will rush her to the vets in a while.


I did not bring Holly Hope to the vets because there is nothing much the vets could do. They have only have 2 choices in my opinion – cut her up and get the kits out which is highly risky or administer oxytocin and risk rupturing her uterus.

I am extremely relieved that Holly Hope expelled 2 DOA kits when I came home this evening. It is a real pity that the kits did not survive because they are beautiful well formed kits. These were the babies I felt inside of her since day 10.

Binky free beautiful babies

Binky free beautiful babies

The reasons why I am extremely grateful & happy:

1) Holly Hope is alive!

2) Holly Hope is alive!

3) Holly Hope is alive!

4) Holly Hope was able to conceive after 8 months which by all standard could be a miracle to some professional breeders

5) She had 3 kits, 2 were normal size and 1 could be a peanut or runt

6) The kits may be broken blue (BLUE?!)

7) I passed my exam! (nothing to do with it)

8) I learned to palpate with this litter and I felt exactly 3 babies!

With that said, here were some extreme cases that could have happened:

1) Hemorrhage

I have heard of does dying from childbirth complications that caused hemorrhaging. I was glad that this did not happen to Holly Hope because if it did, I’ll have blood all over the place and what a mess it would be.

2) Retained kits

There is a possibility where Holly Hope could have dead kits in her. She may die of toxic poisoning from the rotting kits in her. If the kits do not rot, they will be mummified and she will not be able to conceived anymore.

3) Stuck kits (mid way)

The first thing I check when I saw her straining in her nest box was to see if there is any kits mid way her vent. As I was in a rush this morning I was glad that I did not find anything stuck half way. If not I’ll be in great trouble. It will need at least 2 people to help pull the kit out.

As I am typing this update, guess what Holly Hope is doing?

Let's Do The Bunny Dance

Let's Do The Bunny Dance

I FeeeEeel GooOOod....(few ounces lighter)

I FeeeEeel GooOOod....(few ounces lighter)



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11 responses to “Holly Hope Day 31: Disaster Strikes

  1. eli

    praying hard for Holly Hope & her kits. take care Tim.

  2. crazymouseyyh

    Thank goodness Holly Hope is ok. It is sad that all the kits were DOA but it’s lucky she is well. Take care.

  3. Mei Leng

    glad that mummy holly hope is ok :>

  4. June

    I am glad Noobie’s daughter, Holly Hope is alright. I contributed to the web hits today cause I also log in to check for holly hope’s updates… Hoping n wishing everything will b alright fo her and her kits..

  5. eli

    i think i massively contibuted to the hits yesterday. logged in 3 or 4 times waiting for an update. so sorry to hear about the kits but am really really glad that mommy bunny is doing well. she looks so cute especially in the second photo, happy mommy 🙂

  6. Glad that Holly is okay. That is more important now..

    Sorry about those DOA kits. Yes, they are beautiful..

    Keep us update on Holly.. Be strong, k..

  7. Wendy

    Tim i’m sorry to hear about that, but most importantly, Holly is still well. Take care!

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