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Fed Up & Burnt Out

This is something Holland Lop breeders go through occassionally. It is a type of depression most Holland Lop breeders go through once in a while. I just can’t believe it but basically this is what Holland Lops can do to a perfectly sane person over time.

I woke up this morning wanting to get rid of all my rabbits. I figured that I could make better use of the space where they are kept and it saves me tons of trouble, heartaches and everything in between.

Right now, my exact thoughts are that I am quite far from where I have started off but the future is too far ahead. I just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe if I quit now, at least I could have some damage control in place instead of continuing the journey that eats me up slowly but surely.

This may just be a phase but I am not too sure about it. Afterall, this is my blog and I share whatever that goes through my head at this very moment. Anyone interested in rabbits, email me and offer me your best price. Let’s see how much my rabbits are worth to you.

Oh no, I could imagine the number of hits to this blog will skyrocket right about now….



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