Postpartum Psychosis (Bunny Owner)

Some women have depression after giving birth. They have a sudden onset of inadequacy and feeling of hopelessness. This do not happen to rabbits fortunately but it just happened to me. That was the reason for the previous post.

I guess it suddenly dawned on me that I must be the unluckiest Holland Lop breeder in the entire planet. They are breeding in Japan, they are breeding in Thailand and loads are produced in US. Why am I not getting any viable kits that thrive?

2009 is definitely not a good year for me in terms of breeding. I only had 2 litters so far – one by Holly Hope producing Truffles and another litter by Noobie producing Seychel, Milkyway & Camior. I just can’t believe my misfortune.

Many friends came forward and I really appreciate them for being so concern. Thank you very much, you know who you are especially those that posted comments on my last post.

It is really hard being the pioneer of raising Holland Lops in Malaysia. It is definitely a game of numbers and numbers are just what I do not have enough.

Would like to wish all friends who are traveling this festive season a safe journey!



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    • Thanks for the comments. Very interesting indeed. Finally, the ugly side is emerging I guess…

      Well, what do I have to say?

      Yes, although they are producing but most of what I have got out of them at the moment are SPAYED and CASTRATED, sent to good PET homes.

      I believe the GCs I have got are monies well spent. Even if they do not produce, they are way better than EXPENSIVE JUNKS!

      BTW, how did you do at Convention? Heard you didn’t do that well, BETTER LUCK next time?

      Also, what makes you think rabbits are only all about babies & monies? It is a hobby that builds good character that some may never succeed in that.

  2. I would rather have 2 nice Hollands produce 1 good kit, than 2 poor quality hollands produce 4 or 5 that I have to find homes for. I would rather look at 2 quality Hollands in my barn than 6 poor quality Hollands. I think this is a very tough breed. You just think you are getting your line where you want it and your best buck will die. I have never made money on this hobby, but I have met some awesome people that will be friends forever. I enjoy this breed and love seeing the quality getting better each year. I wish you the best of luck and keep breeding.

    • Thanks Kathy. I will never ever quit breeding this beautiful breed called Holland Lops. But of course we do start off being set back being new in the hobby and most often than not fell prey to quack breeders out for fast money. It is never about the money for me as I have learned first hand, how we make great friendship along the way. I truly understand how hard it is to work on this breed and having 2 animals that could produce many so-so quality made it hard for me to believe that I already had success. It takes more than quantity sometimes and I believe the word we’re really looking for is QUALITY.

    • I agree with Kathy. Me and Kathy are great bunny hobby friends.
      We do support each other at the shows and do have a fun time of watching HL. There is no ugly holland lop breeder or rabbit person in the world. You must have the HL knowledge to do well in learning this non boring breed. This breed is hard to do. But it can be done. There are going to be ups and downs in doing this breed. And having mother nature give you her rabbits to play with and then take them back to her place.

  3. Karen Novina

    Timothy, I am sorry you have to put up with such childish comments. I have been in Holland’s for over 20 years I do not recognize the rabbitry name. NEW BREEDERS can be a real pain in the ass. But not to worry I am sure they will soon learn that Holland’s are very hard to raise. And even harder to raise quality hollands

  4. Ah, but Karen, I’m sure you would know who she is if I gave you her name!! LOL She is the same one who called me an “ugly bi*ch” at a show. Of course she said it low enough so no one else could hear it, because if they had, all that is said about her would have been confirmed! It’s just amazing how many people really dislike her, but so many are intimidated by her that they won’t stand up to her. I, on the other hand, will stand up to her and tell her what I think, so hence the “ugly bi*ch” comment!! LOL And this is a person who is in charge of and teaching our children as a public school vice-principal?? Man, am I glad my kids are grown and aren’t exposed to the likes of her!! She thinks so highly of herself that she will go to Malaysia and judge a show! She would definitely be appalled if she knew how many people were laughing at her and her pitiful article about it in the Fall 2009 Hollander!! I was told that the BOSB at that show also won RBIS!! Shows you how much she knows about judging rabbits!! Narcissistic…sociopath…any number of adjectives describe her!!

    Timothy, hold your head up high!! You have way more friends, true friends, than she ever thought of having!! Love you buddy!!


    • Love ya too Teri! Very well said. Glad that my blog has became a platform for free expression. It is good to have a truthful discussion.

    • Karen

      like your post Teri. I have not met a person yet that intimidates me. Now there are people I would prefer not to be around but they do not intimidate me. It is a shame that Holland Breeders have been known to be very nasty people, she really does not help our cause much. I didn’t realize that she had gotten her judges license.

      I learned a long time ago that quality in a rabbit is far better than quanity. I would rather have 1 quality rabbit than a barn full of junk.

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