My Current Heart Bunny

What's up with the Canon?

What's up with the Canon?

Seven little rabbits share my little heart at the moment. I have my favorite moments with each and everyone of them. It is almost like a certain entertainment channel that features certain artiste at certain time. Instead of having the “artiste of the month”, I have “Bunny of the Month” at Meadow Haven.

My current favorite is Miller’s Clark. In between other chores in the rabbitry, I took him out for grooming today and I really like this little guy just like all the rest of my rabbits – LOL! And since Thunder is now bald, this guy has got no competition. He is a real cutie!

Just look at these pictures and tell me what do you think.

Miller's Clark being cheeky!

Miller's Clark being cheeky!



Natural Poser!

Natural Poser!

Snap Away!

Snap Away!



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2 responses to “My Current Heart Bunny

  1. Susie

    I love that second pic… he is darling.


  2. Mei Leng

    nice crown !

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