A Future Without Love?

First of all, please note that this blog post is not an intention to diss anyone especially the Asthmatics. I really do wish that there is no such thing as Asthma in this world and this post will tell you why. Before I forget in the midst of my ramblings, I just wanted to highlight that a friend of mine needs help in getting 7 rabbits adopted in Penang. Please feel free to get more information over at her blog http://thefluffies.wordpress.com.  It must be a very tough decision for Nico and I hope good people will come forward to help provide these beautiful bunnies a good home.

I had a good chat with my GP this morning regarding the condition called Asthma. Prior to this, I understand that most Asthma attacks are forms of allergy reaction. In order to get allergy reactions, one must be exposed to the allergens, that are agents that causes allergies. The Dr. told me that there is a book containing a list of allergens and it is approximately 400 pages thick. But the top 3 allergens that atopic individuals are reactive to are:

1) Dustmites

2) Dust

3) Fur

So what do you do halfway having a pet at home and found out that you are allergic to it? The Dr. instructs to get rid of the pet. In my heart I cried, “Holy CRAP! HELL NoooOOOOOOooooOOoooo!”. That is not the worst part of it. The worst part of it is that, Asthma is a highly hereditary condition. If one of the spouses has got this condition, 100% their children will inherit it. DOUBLE LOAD OF CRAP! Do we cull humans for Asthma? You wish!

So far, I am glad that I am 100% allergy to Dust & Guinea Pigs. And I hope that I do not develop allergy to Rabbits. For now, what I needed to do is that, I need to consume a tablet of antihistamine and cover my nose/mouth with damp cloth whenever I need to expose myself to dust. That is why you will always catch me looking like a terrorist while cleaning my house.

Now, coming back to the title of this post and the sad fact that Asthma is 100% hereditary, it breaks my heart to also know that more and more children are born inheriting this condition from their parents and the percentage/statistics are staggering and unbelievable. It really saddens me to know that a great number of children will never have pets in their entire life. The irony is that, everything around us could be an allergen and every person may have different reactions to certain allergen.

Studies are being done right now in such a way that high dosages of allergens are introduced to atopic individuals in hope that their bodies would build natural antibodies against them but sadly, these studies has proven futile. There is no strong evidences that the condition is reversible. In this world that has already lost all LOVE, I do not think it is fair that our future generations will never ever have the chance to keep little critters in their lives.

So off I went home to clean up that little bunny run that has been filled with wood shavings. While cleaning, I realize how I can’t live without these little critters and I hope all of us will be able to enjoy what we truly love in life.

I wish all of you well and hope that your allergies are not pet related.

Here are some photos taken of the clean bunny run (sorry for the quality, I can’t find my camera!).

Thunder & Carmel with lots of toys!

Thunder & Carmel with lots of toys!

Eagle's eye view

Eagle's eye view

Thunder's fur is growing back slowly. Eventhough bald, he is still very thick!

Thunder's fur is growing back slowly. Eventhough bald, he is still very thick!

Carmel with boxes & hay

Carmel with boxes & hay



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6 responses to “A Future Without Love?

  1. crazymouseyyh

    I’m lucky my asthma is not caused by pet fur or dander…. but it comes when I’m sick or the haze is bad. Well, now I’m sick so yah, just got some wheezing. I got asthma from my mom’s side of the family. My brothers do not have this condition, only passed on to me. But we are a stubborn family, pets everywhere even in our bed room and thankfully pet fur do not trigger our asthma. My mom gets an attack when she is under stress or when there is alot of dust. That’s about it.

  2. I’m still fighting with my health condition. I’m now undergo traditional treatment and practise breathing exercise as i’m avoiding any drug especially steroid. I’ve been taking a pro-long steroid prescriptions since a few years ago due to my bronchitis problem. I’ve stopped taking my steroid inhaler a year ago after saw a good progress to my health condition.

    But lately, i’m not feeling well and not fit to manage my 13 bunnies. Everytime i groom and do the spring cleaning, i will end up get my lungs wheezing. And when i’m sick, i cant provide them free-run, grooming etc for days. It is so sad to see them in cages for days.

    I’m decided to put 7 of them for adoption and will keep 6 of them with me. But i hope my condition will get better in this few days so i dont have to give them away. I’ve received a few request on females today. And when i petted them just now, i cudnt hold my tears to fall as this is a very tough decision to make. Sigh…

    Hope things will get better soon…

  3. Rebecca

    Sunday night, I adopted a dwarf lop whose owner no longer wanted him, and didn’t know how she would find someone who would take him because he has health problems. She said last year, he was diagnosed no by a vet, who isn’t an exotics vet, as being asthmatic. When I heard her dilemma, I told her I would take him, sight unseen. I love bunnies! My son has a dwarf Polish with him at college (smart bunny!) my daughter has two albino angoras, and I have a newly adopted 3 month old dwarf harlequin lop. What’s one more?

    He certainly does bubble and gurgle, rather like a percolator. It breaks my heart to hear him. He’s so sweet and cuddly, a little darling. Even with his health problems, he’s my gain. First thing Monday morning, I called the exotics vet. The first time they could get him in is Wednesday afternoon. It takes 2 hours to get from where I live –4 hours round trip– but to get him to a vet who knows bunnies is worth it. I’m hoping his coming to me was so I could see he’d get the right care. Only another day until he’ll start getting the right care. The previous owner told me the vet she’d taken him to had given him medication, but that he hadn’t had any in a very long time.

  4. kenny gan

    i have one just same like Carmel

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