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Day 1: Tru-Luv Mooruku, Thosai & Kacang Putih

As you can see, I have the initial names for all three of them. Since they were born on Deepavali day, I named them after the festive’s favorite delicacies.

The peanut is called Kacang Putih because Kacang means peanut. I always relate broken blacks to the dairy cow so instead of Muruku, I am calling it Mooruku. As for Thosai, it is made mostly using flour and always served for free during this holiday in Indian restaurants.

Here’s how they look today. I don’t have much hope for Kacang Putih because I noticed that although she suckles, there isn’t any milk going into her tummy.

Notice the big bulge on Kacang Putih's head!

Notice the big bulge on Kacang Putih's head!

Warm & Toastie!

Warm & Toastie!

I was told by a friend that the lighter colored ones are BLUE TORTS! YAY!!!!



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I think we have our very own equivalent of the Wikipedia going on here too. I believe it is called MariWiki.org.

Quite surprised to have picked up an incoming link from http://mariwiki.org/my/Tru-Luv_Rabbitry.

A good Samaritan started this wiki page for us and I am extremely grateful. I guess there will be tons of hits to this blog soon.

Thank you whoever you are!

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