Day 12: The Poser & The Wanderer

I was so preoccupied last evening and by the time I came home it was well over 12 midnight. So I had to skip day 11 and go right into day 12.

These 2 kits are so adorable. Mooruku has got its eyes opened while Papadoom is taking a little while longer. I believe they will be opened tomorrow.

I placed them in my living room and boy were they both fiesty! I realized that Mooruku likes to pose while Papadoom practically wandered all around my living room.

Aren't they cute!?

Arent's they cute?

Posing already and look at the bone!

Posing already and look at the bone!



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4 responses to “Day 12: The Poser & The Wanderer

  1. lazybunnys

    you said Mooruku Open eyes already??? It’s must be me, because i cant see the eyes… hehehehe.. so cute. LOve the pinky nose

  2. Lindsey

    So cute!! Already posing too!

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